Cloud management reports &  Publications

OpenStack Private Cloud Setup Based on Virtual Machines. AnkitaKalita and Harshawardhan Belsare, 2019

Technical Reports on IPv6 Security

IPv6 Security Analysis. J. Bejar and C. Caicedo., May 2014

Study of IPv6 Security Vulnerabilities. A. Rawal, S. Gopal, R. Kamat, J. Bejar and C. Caicedo, March 2014

Accessing External Databases from Mobile Applications.

  • version 2.0. Anirudh Nagesh, Keshav Khandelwal and Carlos Caicedo, June 2014
  • version 1.0. Anirudh Nagesh and Carlos Caicedo, March 2012

Policy Reports & Publications

Reinventing Media Activism: Public Interest Advocacy in the Making of U.S. Communication-Information Policy,1960-2002. Milton L. Mueller, Brenden Kuerbis and Christiane Page, July 2004

Making Sense of Internet Governance: Defining Principles and Norms in a Policy Context. Milton L. Mueller, John Mathiason and Lee McKnight, April 2004

The Post-COM Internet: A Five-Step Process for Top-Level Domain Additions. Milton L. Mueller and Lee McKnight, March 2003

Success by Default: A New profile of Domain Name Trademark Disputes under ICANN’s UDRP. Milton L. Mueller, June 2002

Rough Justice: An Analysis of ICANNN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. Milton L. Mueller, November 2000

Digital Convergence Reports & Publications

The Role of Camera-Bundled Image management Software (IMS) in the Consumer Digital Imaging Value Chain. Milton L. Mueller, Anu Mundkur, Ashok Balasubramanian, Virat Chirania, August 2004

Modeling Videos as Works. James M. Turner, Abby Goodrum, April 2003

The ICICLE Image Database at Kodak. Yibin Dong, May 2002

Digital Convergence and market Structure. Milton L. Mueller, June 1999

Planning for Convergence: Who’s doing it, Who’s not, and Why? Suzan D.Scales, May 1999