Implementation of a WAN emulator


  • Setup a WAN emulator to simulate characteristics of WAN links
  • Produce WAN documentation useful for future lab activities


A WAN emulator is a gateway that allows emulate the characteristics of a WAN network. This emulators are especially useful to test data and voice applications that might be accessed through a WAN link or the Internet. In this case, the WAN emulator gateway is set to apply different changes on the data transmitted, such as specific delays and errors. Changing these parameters test the performance of these applications and possible problems that can appear in a real environment.

The CCENT Lab has started this project to provide students with a means to test different applications in the lab. This project is being implemented using open source tools on Linux (Ubuntu). For the purpose of this tool, the emulator will be tested introducing errors and delays on data, video, and voice packets. The different results will show the sensitivity of each type of data to variation on these parameters and evidence the operation of the emulator.


Rio Maulana

Lab supervisor: Jose Bejar

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Carlos Caicedo