Current Projects

Internet of Things (IoT) Testbed

The IoT management and data processing cluster is being set up as an aggregate set of containerized applications for data analysis, storage, and visualization. The flexibility built into the cluster will allow CENT faculty and students to deploy and test different tools to interact with the captured data. We will also be exploring the use of different cloud-based services to facilitate the interactions with the sensing nodes and the analysis of the data.

Subprojects include:

  • Data Analytics
  • LoRaWAN sensors and gateways
  • IoT Device Management
  • ELK Stack

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Spectrum Consumption Model Builder and Analysis Tool (SCMBAT)

The Spectrum Consumption Model Builder and Analysis Tool (SCMBAT) facilitates the construction of Spectrum Consumption Models (SCMs) and the analysis of compatibility between transmitters and receivers for which an SCM describes their boundaries of spectrum use.

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Multi-agent Simulation for UAV Air Traffic Planning and Management

This project is building a simulator environment to study UAV air traffic planning and communication resource management.

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Software Defined Networking Testbed

Private OpenStack Cloud