Managing a network using SNMPv3


  • Setup a network management system (NMS) to administrate network devices
  • Produce NMS documentation useful for future projects in CCENT
  • Develop a NMS lab exercise for TNM students


The Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 was introduced to overcome the shortcomings of earlier versions of the protocol, related to the large scale deployment of SNMP for configuration, accounting and fault management. Earlier SNMP was primarily deployed for monitoring and performance management. First versions of SNMP failed to address security issues, forcing system and network administrators to use telnet for configuration, accounting and fault management.

In contrast to SNMP version 1 (SNMPv1) and SNMP version 2 (SNMPv2), the primary function of SNMPv3 is to facilitate authentication and encryption. The desired level of security provided by SNMPv3 is associated with the integration of user- based security model (USM) and the view- based access control (VACM). Message security is achieved by authentication and encryption, defined by the USM model.

The group of students working on this project will setup a SNMPv3 based network management system on Linux machine to monitor network devices in CCENT. The setup will rely on open source SNMPv3 network manager to implement SNMPv3 protocol across the test network.


  1. Tejas Mapuskar
  2. Mahendrasingh Vijaysingh
  3. Olabisi Faminigba

Lab supervisor: Tejas Mapuskar

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Carlos Caicedo