Wireless Communication


The work on this testbed is focused on elaborating product performance tests for wireless devices. Last fall, the researchers focused on evaluating the performance of 802.11n devices from several vendors. Development of laboratory exercises and demonstrations for courses on wireless technologies is also done by this team.

Areas of applied work/research

– Wireless device performance
– Protocol co-existence of 802.11a/b/g with 802.11n
– Site survey methods and tools
– Mesh networking
– Beam-forming and MIMO
– Video over 802.11n
– Mobile application development frameworks

Faculty Advisor
Dave Molta

Student Members
Jay Sumresh Bhansali – Graduate Student, TNM Program
Mohammed Ibrahim – Graduate Student, TNM Program
Zack Laurence – Graduate Student, LIS Program
Bijaya Khanal – Graduate Student, TNM Program
Chelu Yao – Graduate Student, TNM Program