The Center for Convergence and Emerging Network Tecnologies (CCENT) was born as the merger between the Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CCENT) and the Convergence Center of Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. The merger took place in 2009.

CCENT’s research efforts and educational activities are aimed at contributing to the understanding and diffusion of new telecommunications/networking technologies thus, we welcome the exchange of ideas, projects and technology discussions with the community at large and hope that the educational and technical reports material that we produce and reference becomes useful to a wide audience and promotes the use of new technologies.

Concept of Convergence

“Digital Convergence” refers to the profound changes in the structure of media caused by the emergence of digital technologies as the dominant method for representing, storing, and communicating information. In the past, information and communication technologies were segmented into discrete economic and technical systems with minimal capabilities for interoperability. Digital convergence can be defined in terms of the following three developments.

The coming together, into a single application or service, of information content from sound broadcasting, telephony, television, motion pictures, photography, printed text and money.
A growing amount of overlap in the functions that can be performed by different physical telecommunication networks.
A growth in the interactivity, interoperability and connectedness of different networks and information appliances in the home and the office.