AirCheck by Fluke Networks

As businesses and critical applications are becoming dependent on WLAN network, there is need to be on toes always to resolve the day to day issues which comes in WLAN. The tools used by network technicians to troubleshoot WLAN, don’t offer the full capabilities. According to Fluke networks, the functions of various tools are converged into one testing product called AirCheck. AirCheck is currently available in windows version and will soon be available for android(they didn’t say anything about IOS). It supports 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac devices. This software tool has intuitive interface and it provides an instant real-time view of the Wi-Fi environment including network availability, utilization, security settings and rogue devices to troubleshoot most common Wi-Fi issues. AirCheck has following features :

•It can detect SSID, mac address, security, SNR, Signal Strength, the band in which AP is operating and the number of clients connected to individual AP.
•It also display the channels, channels utilization and no. of AP and clients connected on the channels.
•The tool also detect client devices and their mac addresses, SNR, signal strength, media type etc. However, an external adapter is required which is provided by Fluke networks to detect client devices.
•The tools provide customized test assessments for technicians such as ping, DNS, trace, FTP download, HTTP download, online video, online audio and web browsing .
•It provides technicians the ability to upload floor map in the tool and map not only the RF signal coverage, but also the Wi-Fi throughput at every location on the floor. The tool also allows to export the coverage map to air magnet survey pro for in depth analysis.
•It also offers standardization capabilities to eliminate guesswork in troubleshooting and deployment of WLAN. Standardization capabilities includes predefined testing profile creation which let technicians to execute consistent testing.
•Testing reports can be directly transferred to evernote, dropbox, gmail etc.
•Device finder feature helps to find the rouge AP and devices in the network environment.

I think the tool features are really great. The coolest feature which I found was that any internet video ex. Youtube can be run inside the tool directly and we can measure the throughput, freeze rates and other attributes of video. So for example, if someone faces issue in downloading or running an application over Wi-Fi, this tool can directly run that application(if it is supported) inside it and problem can be diagnosed instantly.

Below is the link to the AirCheck product: